Healthy food with a great taste!


From France to California, J’adore Café is an independently owned Café. We work with an inventive fusion menu developed by our Chef Nutritionist, with organic ingredients, local suppliers & ethical sourcing.  

Our menu is balanced, with all the six tastes, what brings harmony for your body; The kitchen at J’Adore takes a global approach, we incorporate flavors and superfoods from around the world, cooking up food which is full of life (prana)



Oh là là, we have a perfect aromatic organic coffee! Fresh homemade juices and smoothies that will hydrate your body,  a variety of desserts and pastries vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free choices. And oui, we have Crêpes and gluten crêpes too!


Because we believe that everyday we can choose, to be happy, to be healthier,  eat real food , have more sustainable agricultural choices and care about our planet's health. 


Let’s get together on this, have a seat, take a deep breath, a coffee or juice, relax and spread love!


165, Avenida del Mar

San CLemente - CA - USA

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